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bron artikelHet zijn rare tijden... deze zelfgemaakte commercial voor de iPod mini van Apple verovert internet als een lopend vuurtje, als een virus.

Dit is -voor zover bekend- de eerste keer dat een consument zelf een commercial maakt voor een product dat hij/zij gekocht heeft.
Het aanbevelen van artikelen door gebruikers is al redelijk standaard, maar dit gaat wel erg ver...

2004-12-13, door
Inne ten Have

Een mooie parodie op de iPod hype 
Niet alleen fans van producten kunnen commercials maken, ook de sceptici. Een mooi voorbeeld daarvan is deze parodie (mov 2,7Mb) op de bekende 1984 Apple Super Bowl reclamefilm.

Er zijn daar meer Apple commercials te vinden (allen Quicktime).
2006-02-02, door Inne ten Have

Advertisers look to grassroots marketing 
In a world where blogs are as common as bumper stickers and YouTube has made viral videos as hot as Napster downloads were in their heyday, it's no wonder marketers are looking to John Q. Public for ideas. Corporations are jumping on the viral bandwagon in an attempt to appeal to a population for which decrying advertising has become a philosophically based rallying cry.

Meanwhile, inexpensive digital cameras, more-powerful computers, easy-to-use editing and publishing software and the proliferation of broadband makes it easy for anyone with a laptop and some imagination to express him- or herself in hitherto out-of-reach ways.

"Traditional marketing methods have fallen short," Decker said in explaining why he expects viewer-created ads to take off in the market, particularly for the 18- to 34-year-olds who watch Current TV. "This demographic does not respond positively to something overly produced and (that is a) hard sell."

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Geschreven door Elinor Mills op ZDNet
2006-04-04, door Inne ten Have

Logitech’s 17 Year Old Brand Ambassador 
Melody, the 17 year old teen that’s been promoting her home-made videos on YouTube, caused a rise in Logitech’s sales on Amazon.com all by herself by simply explaining her webcam’s features to ‘the world out there’. People have been asking her in her comments about that remarkable cam she has and in one of her posts she explains it’s Logitech’s Quickcam Orbit MP. Although some paper in Belgium rants about 300K downloads, YouTube doesn’t offer downloads and the viewer counter shows a very decent 195,937 right now. Some weblogs suggested she’d be working for Logitech, but ‘Bowiechick’ clearly claims she doesn’t. How one consumer can make a difference...

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Gevonden via Seth Godin bij coolz0r.com
2006-04-06, door Inne ten Have

7 tricks to Viral Web Marketing 
Viral marketing (word-of-mouth marketing) is a really cool thing. Just think about it... instead of spending an insane amount of money on newspapers ads, TV commercials or banner ads, you spent nothing - and let your fans do all the work for you.

With viral marketing, your campaigns will suddenly get a life of its own - and start to spread like a virus. Everyone want to see it, and when they do, they all want to share it.

It is immensely powerful, usually having 500-1000 times greater impact than what you get from regular advertisements.
  1. Make people feel something
  2. Do something unexpected
  3. Do not try to make advertisements (that sucks)
  4. Make sequels
  5. Allow Sharing, downloading and embedding
  6. Connect with comments
  7. Never restrict access!
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Gevonden op
2006-11-25, door Inne ten Have

"Year Zero" project = "the way a viral campaign should be run" 
While record labels bemoan their sad plight, artists like Nine Inch Nails are coming up with creative ways to inject mystery and playfulness into the music promotion game.

The elaborate campaign for NIN’s new “Year Zero” album — 42 Entertainment is the agency behind it — is a great example of blurring the line between marketing and entertainment.
  • Trail of clues
  • The power of mystery
  • The Google perspective
  • CD design
  • Trent Reznor on DRM and technology
  • When marketing becomes art
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Geschreven door Matt Linderman van 37Signals
2007-05-04, door Inne ten Have

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