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bron artikelThe best way to help developing nations is to recognise that development is "of the people, by the people and for the people"

Iqbal Quadir, Grameen Phone founder in Bangladesh, told experts gathered for TED Global in Oxford that aid strategies for the last 60 years had failed. Technologies such as mobiles empowered people because they connected them. This, he said, fuelled productivity much more than the top-down aid approach.

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2005-07-14, door
Inne ten Have

How to Change the World 
How to Change the World tells the stories of people around the globe who are solving many of the world's most intractable problems. Full of hope and energy, exciting solutions and compelling characters, this book shows how a growing wave of "social entrepreneurs"- individuals with initiative, creativity, savvy and determination- are reshaping the world for the better. These individuals -- from doctors to lawyers, from engineers to journalists -- are successfully demonstrating that one person with a powerful idea and the drive to succeed can bring positive changes to the lives of thousands or even millions.

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2005-07-14, door Inne ten Have

Ethiopia lives 
As powerful as words can be, the human mind is often more easily moved by images. Reading stories of hope or despair can be gripping, but pales in comparison to witnessing the moments in a person's life leading to such emotions. When the images that bear witness to these moments are captured by the individuals themselves, "powerful" becomes "worldchanging." Zana Briski's Kids with Cameras project -- documented in the award-winning Born Into Brothels movie -- is one example of just how meaningful such efforts can be, but today I found another: Ethiopia Lives.

Nineteen Ethiopians turn their cameras onto their own lives and invite you to share their very personal perspectives. From diverse backgrounds and different parts of the country, their photographs give a rare insight into life in Ethiopia now.

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Gevonden op World Changing
Bezoek ook de site van Ethiopia lives.
2005-08-10, door Inne ten Have



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