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bron artikelStanford Magazine has a terrific article about Kiva called Small Change, Big Payoff by Cynthia Haven. This is the story of how Matt and Jessica Jackely Flannery created it to enable people to make micro loans to entrepreneurs around the world.

The results are awesome: more than 123,000 people have loaned more than $12.4 million to 18,000 entrepreneurs. In fact, there so many lenders that there’s are individual limits so that everyone can make a loan. The process involves reading a short profile about each entrepreneur and then deciding which to fund. From beginning to end, you can make a loan in under five minutes if you’re a slow typist. Lenders do not earn interest though the micro-finance organizations that helped Kiva find the entrepreneur does. Entrepreneurs pay 99.67 percent of the loans.

Here are some lessons that any entrepreneur can learn from the Kiva phenomenon:
  1. Create meaningful partnerships.
  2. Catalyze and support evangelism.
  3. Find a business model.
  4. “Bank” on unproven people.
  5. Focus on free marketing.
  6. Ignore the naysayers.
Yup, there’s a lot any entrepreneur can learn from the Kiva story. More importantly, why don’t you go to its web site and make a loan? You could co-invest with me in Chhorn Yan, mother of six in Cambodia, who needs capital to expand her home-based, offline grocery store. One way to look at this is we could fund one Webvan or 800,000 Chhorn Yans.

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Geschreven door Guy Kawasaki op zijn weblog How to change the world

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Inne ten Have

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